Propane Safety

Short Safety Check List

  • No gas odor.  IF YOU SMELL GASwe must advise you to get everyone out of the house without making a spark or lighting a match.  Then turn the gas off at the tank and call our office.
  • Avoid thinking that a gas odor is anything but a leak.
  • Avoid running out of gas
  • Avoid lighting your own pilot lights
  • Outdoor regulator free of ice and snow
  • Record of recent system inspection
  • Pipes and equipment appear fit for use, clean and dry and don’t touch soil.
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Optional – gas alarm

For more see Important Safety Information delivered to customers annually

Common Questions & Tips

What is Propane?

Propane itself is an odorless, colorless gas that becomes liquid under pressure. For typical residential use, tanks and cylinders contain both liquid and gas (vapor). As the vapor is fed into a piping system, some liquid boils, changes to vapor to keep the pipes pressurized. Since propane is flammable, a product called Ethyl Mercaptan which has a revolting, almost nauseating stench, is added to propane to provide an alert that propane is present in the atmosphere.

The Odor of Propane and Odor Fade

Be aware that with odorized product the intensity of ethyl mercaptan stench may fade due to chemical oxidation (in the presence of rust, air or moisture), adsorption or absorption. Some people have nasal perception problems and may not be able to smell the ethyl mercaptan stench. Other odors may mask or hide the ethyl mercaptan stench. While ethyl mercaptan may not impart the warning of the presence of propane in every instance, it is generally effective in a majority of situations. Familiarize yourself, and occupants and guests to your home, with this warning, and other facts associated with the so-called “odor-fade phenomenon.” If you do not already know all the facts, you may write the Phillips66 Company and ask for more information about odor and the other safety considerations associated with the handling, storage and use of propane; including the Material Data Safety Sheet – SDS.

Phillips66 Company SDS Information
PO Box 4428
Houston, TX 77210

Emergency Health and Safety Number –Chemtrec: 800.424.9300 (24 hours)

Smelling Propane

If you smell propane, we must advise you to get out of the house without making a spark. Turn the gas off at the tank and call your propane supplier from a neighbor’s phone or another phone away from the house. Await the arrival of a technician who will attempt to determine the source of the leak and develop a course of corrective action.

Helpful Information